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  About Littlemoon <concept and mission statement>
We make you happier and more beautiful.

Littlemoon wants to assist in making women beautiful.

A woman’s happiness depends on her hairstyle.

When she sets her hair the way she wants, she can be happy all day long.
When she can’t, she won’t be herself.

For women who are always busy with house work or office work,
hassle-free updos are crucial for a successful day.

However, it’s a fact that
many women don’t know how to make updos.

Littlemoon wondered what to do about solving this problem.

We are the solution to provide hair updos for women.

Hair accessories are merely the instruments.
We support your independent lifestyle with a variety of options for beautiful,
hassle-free hair updos.

「Just looking at the site, it seems I am more beautiful than ever. 」

「I’m going to grow my hair long. 」

「I will be complimnted on my hair updo, I’m sure! 」

Our mission is to provide a chain of happiness
amongst all who use and see our products..

Littlemoon is a specialty store for hair accessories
which aims to fulfill customers’ needs for
reasonably priced, high quality products.

But we don’t just sell hair accessories.
We also offer a helpful, educational service as part of a total product
for our valued customers.

Through our products, we strive to transform your anxiety into pleasure.
We at Littlemoon are your support team for your style.

We make you happier and more beautiful day by day.


Our strong point
Littlemoon is one of the top high-class specialty stores
for hair accessories in Japan.
We provide good quality products at a reasonable price.

We are solely engaged in the manufacture,
retail and wholesale of hair accessories.
This means high quality control and savings for the customer.

Furthermore, our domestic and foreign offices
and our lack of unaffiliated distributors allows us
a high speed of service to address the needs of our customers
and ensure satisfaction.

We hold a patent for our comb design.
In addition, our original ‘super matt’ finish has been well recieved.

You regularly can see our products in Japanese fashion magazines.

Each of us at Littlemoon understand the female sensibility of customers.

We are not a conglomerate. We are a down-to-earth company
and take pride in being detailed about our goods.

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